Veggie Pakora GF

Onion, spinach, cauliflower, potatoes marinated in lentil flour and spices

Road Side Aloo Tikki GF

Golden crisp potatoes patties mixed with indian herbs and spices served with mint, soy yoghurt and tamarind sauce

Chat Papri GF

Crispy poori served with fresh potatoes onion & chikpeas, tomato sour & spicy chutney and soy yoghurt

Special Cutlet GF

Golden crisp potatoes filled with Indian herbs, spices, fruits and nuts served with special tamarind

Tofu Pakora GF

Tofu covered with chickpea flour, selected spices & deep fried

Bhel Puri GF

Crispy poori served with tender potatoes, cucumber, onion and puffed rice sev mixed with sweet and sour chutney

Pani Puri

Small Crispy poori served with chickpeas, potatoes, soar & spicy consomme

Zucchini Pakora GF

Small pieces of zuchinni covered with chickpea flour and selected spices and deep fried